Rhino Canvas

Rhino What?!

Rhino Canvas is an implementation of the WHATWG Canvas API for the Rhino Javascript engine. The original purpose was to experiment with drawString() implementations for the Canvas element, in particular for a J2ME implementation. However, it may also be useful for some other stuff:

The project contains a minimal IDE that permits to conviniently edit and run Javascript applications.

Project News

Applet implementation, samples page added.
drawString() bugfixes, some more samples added, some code cleanup.
drawString()-support added. Used to replace document access in Chris Malcom's breakout sample.

Installation and Download

If you do not have a Java Runtime installed already, please download and install it from http://www.java.com/en/download/

  1. Download and unzip the latest Rhino Canvas ZIP file (rhino-canvas-ide-<version>.zip) from the Sourceforge download page.
  2. Start the IDE by double-clicking the .jar file in the extracted directory.

The samples contained in the subdirectory samples can be opened and started directly from the IDE.

For the source code, please refer to the sourceforge CVS download instructions. Rhino Canvas is licensed under the GPL.


There are several open issues:

Any help is welcome! Please use the resources available at the Sourceforge project page.


Rhino Canvas takes advantage of several other open source projects:

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